Regional Cuisines of Cappadocia Practice and Research Center

Gourmets tour to Konya

The Cappadocia Regional Cuisine Application and Research Center organized a gourmet tour to Konya on 14.05.2017. With the participation of 66 gourmets, the first stop in the tour was Konya Rixos Hotel and the participants started the trip with breakfast buffet. In addition, the majority of participants from the students of the tourism and sociology department also had the opportunity to be found in various fixtures related to their profession. Second stop was the Butterfly Valley. Located in a 385-acre area, the tropical plants and butterflies in the Butterfly Valley create beautiful landscapes. In the Butterfly Valley, which has a butterfly museum and insect cinema, the participants had a very good time and then they took pictures at the Selçuklu Flower Garden where there were 250 thousand flowers of 9 species. The attendees then visited Silla, a historic Greek village, and visited the Aya Eleni Church and the Time Museum. Participants visited Mevlana Museum as the last stop of the trip. Participants had dinner in a historical mansion and got the opportunity to taste the Konya Regional Cuisine and tasted Bamya Soup, Etli Bread, Konya Wedding Rice, Cranberry, Höşmerim and Sherbet.